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When you’re adding plants to your home, give them a home of their own in good looking plant pots. Suncakes is the place to find the right habitat for your plants made by the best manufacturers of ceramic pots and cookware in Europe. 

Suncakes is believing in the art of ceramics as a central line for the narrative of every home’s story. Patterns, shapes and texture are an odd to a happy and well-lived home, and Suncakes ceramics sings that ode from the heart.

As proud family company, we are trying very hard to always deliver great products and services and to develop strong relationships with retailers all over the world. The art of ceramics we combine with the love for exceptional customer service, prompt delivery and ethical business. 

Our mission is to bring the feel of coziness and attention to detail to every home in the UK and Suncakes is our epiphany to a gentler and more beautiful world.